How did my number show up in your database?


A phone number can appear on our portal only in one case: if you have published it on any of the open sources. For example, if you place an ad on any website. However, there are also cases like this:
Marina Sokurenko writes: "Hello, on your site was published an ad with my phone number, now they are constantly calling me, please delete this ad, I have nothing to do with it.". If you think that your number is being used by scammers, write to us at

I am an owner, not an agency! Why does it say otherwise and how can I fix it?


Our service automatically identifies who owns the phone: the property owner or the agency. This is determined based on many factors. If you think there has been a mistake and the designation "agency" next to your number is incorrect, please write to us, and we will try to solve your problem in a private way.

How do I remove a phone number from your site?


Phone numbers are not deleted from our site even if the owner of the number no longer offers rental/sale of objects. But next to that number there will be a note: "at this time this user is not engaged in the rental or sale of property".

Please also note that we do not collect or distribute any personal information about the owners of phone numbers.

We can only indicate:

- whether a specific phone number belongs to the agency or the owner (in this case, we do not write either the name of the owner or the name of the agency);
- what properties the owner of the phone number offers (if properties are absent, this field remains empty) and whether the phone number is on the "blacklist" of suspicious contacts.

Why am I blacklisted?


In the "blacklist" next to the numbers you can see the reasons why the system marked those numbers as suspicious. If you want to know more about these reasons, move your cursor over the text. If you think your phone is on the "blacklist" because of a mistake, contact us, and we will try to solve this problem. However, we would like to note the following:

Julia writes: "This number was blacklisted by mistake. The comment was left by our competitor. I ask you to take a look." - We cannot handle such issues. We are not able to verify the sincerity and find out the true motives of users who leave negative comments on numbers. However, if the phone is "blacklisted" because of negative reviews - other visitors to the site can read these reviews and decide for themselves whether to believe them or not.