I posted an advertisement on OLX about renting an apartment. Why did it appear on your site?


Our site is a search engine. We work according to the principle of Google: we collect and display all the real estate offers published on different portals. In the title of our ads is always present the site of origin with an active link to it.

I have found that you are linked to other sites and are collecting information. How can I remove my ad now?


The ad is automatically deactivated when it becomes irrelevant on the source site (i.e. on the site where you published it and from where it reached our search portal). But what if, for some reason, deactivation has not occurred? Or you don't want to make your offer appear on our site? Obviously, if you ask Google to stop showing your ad in search results, it's unlikely you'll get anything out of it. But on our site, you can simply close your object. To do this, click the "delete" button in the 'title" of your ad and confirm via SMS that the phone specified in the ad belongs to you. We need this to be sure: the proposal is removed by the author, and not by some stranger. After confirming the phone number, the object will be deactivated.

I deleted the ads on olx and closed them on your site, but they still appear in the search with the status "This offer is no longer valid and will be removed automatically shortly." What is the maximum period for ads to be removed?


In fact, deactivated objects are not immediately removed from our website. First of all, a bright "object closed" sign is displayed on them and the seller's contact information is no longer available for viewing.

In this form, ads will remain on Bomber for another 40 days, and then they will be removed automatically.

Why is this necessary and why does it take so long? It's no secret that many real estate agents often copy ads from owners and pretend to be the owners of the properties. Our search robot "collects properties" all over the Internet. Imagine you closed and deleted your item on Bomber today. And tomorrow our search engine might find your apartment, offered by an agent on some other site. So then the robot will list your accommodation on Bomber again. So we don't want to produce the irrelevant offers.

If your closed object is still on our portal (marked as "not relevant") - then the search engine, finding a duplicate broker announcement, will simply ignore it. After all, the owner's proposal for the same apartment on Bomber already exists, and it is irrelevant.

Why are deactivated objects stored for 40 days? Because on most real estate sites, listings are posted for a period of 30 days, or one month. So we chose a slightly longer period hoping that during this period duplicate listings will disappear from the network.

What is happening on your site? The price of my apartment has gone up and someone else's phone has been connected.


This can happen in one case: there are other ads on the Internet about your apartment published by different authors. Our search robot finds them, publishes them on our site and puts such duplicate ads together.

The main announcement of all duplicate ads will be the offer of the accommodation owner. That is, the author of the ad directly on Bomber will be the owner, the text will show his contact information and data about the apartment (including the price). If the owner is not identified - the author will be the real estate agent who first made an offer for the apartment.

Who is the owner and who is the real estate agent (and what is the account) - our system can determine all this automatically.

The ad contains my phone number, but for some reason it is marked as an agency, even though I own the apartment.


As already mentioned, our service automatically determines who offers an apartment: the owner or the real estate agent. This is done to avoid too frequent cases when agents pretend to be the real owners.

The system "classifies" you as a real estate agent based on many factors. Bomber cannot designate the owner as a broker without a valid reason (e.g., if they do not have a mailing address like maximrieltor@gmail.com and do not offer 20 apartments for rent at once).

However, calculation errors are likely to occur. We are working to bring the percentage of inaccuracies to zero, although this is impossible even in theory.

If you do not agree that you have been "classified as a real estate agent", write to us at info@m2bomber.com, and we will try to solve your problem privately.

In the ad for my apartment there is no my phone number, but that of a certain Ivan, but I am the owner! And I can't change or delete this ad! What should I do?


It means that Ivan has also submitted an offer for the property in his name. We collect all the ads from different authors of the same apartment online, "paste" them together into one and put it on our site. The author of that ad on our site automatically becomes the owner of the property. Why is "someone named Ivan" in the ad?

1. The controversial ad is marked by us as "from an agency," and this Ivan is a real estate agent? Then there are two options:

- or our search engine found your "owner's" offer on the network, but mistakenly designated it as a real estate agent (remember: this is automatically determined by the robot).

- or the search engine didn't find your Internet ad at all. Perhaps it is located somewhere, but was quickly removed due to irrelevance. However, real estate agents were able to make a few pairs of your ad. Our search service skipped the owner's ad and only found the brokerage's ad.

2. If Ivan is marked as an "owner" by the system, the problem becomes more complicated. Our robot is able to distinguish who is the owner and who is an intermediary - but not to distinguish between real and fake owners. To solve the problem we will have to ask you for documents by real estate ownership.

Solution: in both cases, please contact us at info@m2bomber.com. We don't promise, but we will try to deal with this problem.

Note: If you have never provided ads about your property anywhere, but some Ivan sells it, this is pure fraud. Then all the more, write to us privately.

How did my number show up in your database?


A phone number can appear on our portal only in one case: if you have published it on any of the open sources. For example, if you place an ad on any website. However, there are also cases like this:

Marina Sokurenko writes: "Hello, on your site was published an ad with my phone number, now they are constantly calling me, please delete this ad, I have nothing to do with it."

If you think that your number is being used by scammers, write to us at info@m2bomber.com

I am an owner, not an agency! Why does it say otherwise and how can I fix it?


Our service automatically identifies who owns the phone: the property owner or the agency. This is determined based on many factors.

If you think that there was an error, and the designation "agency" near your number is incorrect, write to us at info@m2bomber.com, and we will try to sort out your question in a private way.

How do I remove a phone number from your site?


Phone numbers are not deleted from our site even if the owner of the number no longer offers rental/sale of objects. But next to that number there will be a note: "at this time this user is not engaged in the rental or sale of property". Please also note that we do not collect or distribute any personal information about the owners of phone numbers. We can only indicate:

- whether a specific phone number belongs to the agency or the owner (in this case, we do not write either the name of the owner or the name of the agency);

- what properties the owner of the phone number offers (if properties are absent, this field remains empty)

- whether the phone number is on the "blacklist" of suspicious contacts

Why am I blacklisted?


In the "blacklist" next to the numbers you can see the reasons why the system marked those numbers as suspicious. If you want to know more about these reasons, move your cursor over the text.

If you think that your phone is "blacklisted" unfairly - write to us at info@m2bomber.com and we will try to solve the problem. However, we would like to draw your attention:

Julia writes: "This number was blacklisted by mistake. The comment was left by our competitor. I ask you to take a look."

We cannot handle such issues. We are not able to verify the sincerity and find out the true motives of users who leave negative comments on numbers. However, if the phone is "blacklisted" because of negative reviews - other visitors to the site can read these reviews and decide for themselves whether to believe them or not.