About the resource

About the resource

M2bomber was launched in August 2014 by our experienced web development team. We have personally experienced how difficult and tedious it is to search for accommodation. We know how exhausting it is to search for a decent option among so many identical and mostly unreliable real estate ads. That's why we decided to help people who are facing the same problem.

We chose the name of the project for a reason: M2bomber literally "bombs" the world wide web, choosing the best offers for rent/sale of "M²" - square meters.

We collect ads from lots of online real estate platforms. In addition, sellers and owners post their offers directly on our website.

For buyers and renters

Here are some particularities of the resource, useful for those who want to buy
or rent a house.

Who's the boss?

M2bomber features a unique ad ranking algorithm. Our robotic search engine easily recognizes which offer was placed by the broker and the property owner.

No to duplicates!

We collect information about renting/selling housing on many websites. It happens that several ads mention the same apartment. So we combine those ads into one. As a result, you don't waste time looking at duplicate offers. Also, you can keep track of how much the selected apartment costs in different periods. How it works?

Get the most out of it!

Thanks to our site, you will know as many details as possible about the option you like. In the ads we directly indicate what is the distance from the apartment to the subway; where are the nearest bars, stores, banks; when the building in which the selected apartment is located was built and renovated - and much more!

Figures and facts

The site daily generates its own statistics. You can see the exact cost of accommodation in the capital and in all regional centers of the country.

In addition on Google Play you can find our mobile app. Note: it has a special "Terminator mode": just point your phone at the house and see what apartments are sold or offered for rent there. Try it out!

For developers and realtors

For developers and realtors

Each month M2bomber is visited by more than1,8 millions of users from different countries. Don't ignore this multi-million audience - attract customers interested in your business:

"Are you a real estate agent and don't understand why you can't sell real estate? Don't worry, we will promote your ads above and make them "hotter".

We can also place any publication on our portal, for example, an interview with a manager or an advertisement for a special campaign of the company. Don't forget: tens of thousands of people read us every day!

And here's "the icing on the cake": we work with images and sounds: we create banners and video clips, take spectacular aerial photographs, edit and voice-over videos.

We group

M2bomber is evolving every day. A team of the best developers, marketing experts and sales managers are constantly improving the functionality of our resource. On the other hand, the site's programmers work every day to protect users from scammers and unscrupulous real estate agents.

No matter who you are - a seller or a buyer, what you are looking for - buying or renting - by using this portal your search will be simple, interesting and fun.

Have a good hunting!